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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

My first  touch with steel and its processing was at the age of 13, still a “kid”! Wanting to help my family, I started working in a small factory in Elefsina. In the year 1965.

With a lot of work, passion and experience in this field, I decided in 1992 to Found my own company.

From then up until today, Kataskevastiki J. Dimitriou Ltd. is the home for more than 80 highly qualified designers, engineers and specialized technicians.

We dare to have an innovative and out of the box approach in every project. We never settle for anything less than the best we can offer, the best we can become.

The legacy I would like to leave to our current and future partners, is that every project we undertake must be delivered to the highest degree of professionalism & capability. To work every single day for a more sustainable world, developing new approaches for the natural environment we all share.

COVID -19 Message

The pandemic of Covid 19 has resulted to serious economic and social consequences, as it has impacted all the different levels of the commercial chain, leaving companies, employees and individuals exposed to a new reality and day-to-day operation.

Understanding these recent events and the possible global effects, we are committed as a company and as contributing members of the society to identify our strengths and weaknesses and to adapt to the new circumstances, by creating a more resilient organization that will not only support its own employees, but will also offer back to the society. Only then will we be able to make life better for the individuals, the community and the places we operate.

We are ready to chart a new course and create a new era.

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