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We comply with the guidelines of the Government and the World Health Organization.


Prevention measures

Long before the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kataskevastiki J. Dimitriou Ltd. introduced strict measures to limit the potential threat. Priority of the measures was the safety of the employees and the continuation of the operation of the company.

A visit of a specialist on infectious diseases was organized at very beginning of the epidemic in a specifically designed area, where information and prevention instructions were provided. Groups of 8 people, observing the required distance from one another.

We have set up a task force, which reports directly to Management, taking responsibility for evaluating and managing the potential impact of Covid-19.

We are fully in line with the guidelines of the Government and the World Health Organization.

Travel to and from Greece has been zeroed and all discussions and meetings are held electronically.

The communication in between the employees and our partners in Greece and abroad has been reassured via teleconferences and international calls.

We have separated our employees, aiming to observe social safety distances, while maintaining all working positions and assuring the normal processing of all projects.

We have established clear internal and external protocols for regular and emergency communication with company employees and all our partners.

We managed to implement solutions for remote work – where possible.
We provided all our employees with the necessary protection and safety equipment.
We made special arrangements for employees belonging to vulnerable groups.
More than 95% of our employees in offices and administrative positions, work continuously and smoothly.

We do not face problems with the receipt of raw materials from suppliers.
We have no problems with our supply chain. The delivery of our products to our end customers in Greece and abroad is carried out normally.

We listen to the latest developments. We seek the optimal utilization of our funds with the main goal of our development.
With respect to our employees and customers.

The Management
J. A. Dimitriou & A. J. Dimitriou

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