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Private Premises

Private Premises

Our private premises of 24.000 m² (7.000 m² indoor) at the industrial zone of Magoula Attikis and 60.000 m² (6.000 m² indoor)in Evia island, along with all the modern industrial equipment for modulation, cutting and fabrication of all kinds of metal, gives us the ability to provide large fabrication capacity and a high quality of products.

By inherited the latest production technologies and techniques we add value, efficiency and accuracy through the fabrication process.

Modern industrial equipment, along with high standard designs programs such as StruMis, Tekla, Advance, Strucad and Autocad make us one of the leading Steel Construction Companies domestically.


Shape a better world. This is what we wish to do through our work. To strive for something higher. A team with family bonds, able to ensure business excellence and the environment unbroken.

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