Project Description

The steel construction core and shell for the temporary hockey stadium – LHC Lausanne Hockey – Club – Lausanne Switzerland.

– Design of the steel construction according to the design calculation and profile dimension.

– Shop drawings and final erection drawings for the complete building.

– Production and coating of the complete construction.

– Design for the complete roof and façade cladding.

– Calculation and design of the roof and wall purlins.

– Design and delivery of smoke flow window frames.

– Design and delivery of 13 entrance door plants with emergency exit function for strong stadium regulations.

– Complete erection of the steel construction, roof and façade cladding including windows and doors.

– Delivery and erection of sub constructions for light system, air condition and the videotron.

– Design calculation, design, production and erection of an additional construction for the air condition machinery outside of the stadium.

– Design and delivery of the complete cladding for this additional construction

Client: Nüssli (Switzerland) Ltd

Budget: 1.888.000,00 €

ce Hockey Arena Lausanne