New Company’s Branch in Dusseldorf Germany

‘’Kataskevastiki J. Dimitriou L.T.D.’’ is pleased to announce you the creation of the new company’s branch in Dusseldorf Germany.

In the context of the business strategy of our company and in order to expand our activities in the wider geographical area, we decided the establishment of this branch in a country with such special business interest.

Through this branch, our company aims to increase its extrovert business activities and wishes to show its products in international markets, by strengthening its contacts with new and existing partners and by cooperating with large German companies. The design and production of metal structures with high standards and quality requirements describing our company in Greece, aims to become the its comparative competitive advantage in the international market.

Company’s Representatives: Mr John Dimitriou & Mr Athanasios Dimitriou

Company’s Lawyer: Dr. Kiourtsoglou

Company’s Accountant: Mr Giannakis

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