The J.DIMITRIOU CONSTRUCTION LTD is an international company with 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of steel constructions, covering a complete range of design, procurement, construction and installation.

Working with the largest construction groups, has established itself among the top construction companies, having to its assets construction projects that became significant stations both in Greece and abroad.

Thanks to the continuous development of expertise, human resources and production capacity has been identified as an internationally recognized company, which guarantees the reliability, flexibility and capacity to perform the work demanding, always on time.

It has private facilities, 24.000m2 at Magoula Attica and 60.000m2 at Prokopi Evia, with all the modern technology and mounting work, cutting, punching and forming.

Undertakes and carries out large international projects. Operates in Greece, in Germany, Russia, Bermuda, the United Arab Emirates, England, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Kosovo. The aim of the company is a constant expanding of its activities in the construction industry worldwide.

Respect for the environment, responsibility, the value of the human and labor relations, continuing education, growth, innovation, respect for work and our customers, are the key to a creative impulse and development of the company.

Global Operation